Italian Slammer £7.95
Dino’s Italian variation of the classic Alabama Slammer drink:
Vodka, Amaretto, Amaro Averna, fresh orange & lime .

La Rossana £7.95
Fromgelio, Cointreau, and orange juice.

Sambucca Retró £7.95
Sambucca, Baileys and Amaretto with crushed coffee beans.

Espresso Martini £7.95
A mix of Kahlua with vodka and single shot espresso.


Aperol Spritz £6.95
Prosecco with soda and Aperol.

Mojito £7.95
Refreshing Rum Bianco with tonic water, brown & white sugar mint and fresh lime.

Sex on the Beach £7.95
Peach flavoured Vodka, with organge pinapple and mixed fruit.

Porn Star Martini £8.95
Vanilla Vodka, Passion fruit passoa shaken  with fruit juice with a side shot of Prosecco.